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The Vibrant Role of Singapore's Police Stations

While some may argue that the design of a police station may only address a portion of the more important issues impacting police and community relationships, it is indeed a physical embodiment of neighborhood safety, and it can certainly set the tone. As part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority Masterplan 2014, Paya Lebar Central was developed into a bustling, integrated commercial centre with offices, retail and attractive public spaces flowing with activity and the Geylang Neighbourhood Police Station was certainly not left out. As S A Chua embarked on the journey to design this award winning police station, we take this moment to re-examine how police station architecture can impact lives in the community, advancing new concepts for police stations that create better spaces for law enforcement and locals.

Geylang Neighbourhood Police Station | S A Chua Architects

Old Hill Street Police Station | DigitalKaleidoscope

It all started with the Old Hill Street Police Station, which boasts a total of 927 windows and are painted in the colours of the rainbow. After it's repainting, the police station brimmed with a vibrant intensity, which apositely reflected its role in uplifting the community.

While visual impact is increasingly a necessary attribute today, the redesigning of the modern police station may also require a look into the shifts in how they operate. For instance, a shift towards increased importance in car patrol as compared to patrol by foot would require larger buildings with larger garages and car parks.

Here at S A Chua Architects Pte Ltd, when we embark on a new project with a new typology, we understand that there is great care needed to untie the knots between the role and responsibility of an architect and the perception of the community, and by understanding how certain buildings and spaces came to be and creating a conversation about how they can impact us; only then can we begin to create architecture that is for the people, for the community.


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