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Telok Blangah Crescent


As part of this NRP project, a precinct of 8 public housing blocks within Telok Blangah Crescent is upgraded with important infrastructure and communal recreational facilities in fostering social integration, community bonding and an active lifestyle among residents.

The new covered linkways have improved the pedestrian connectivity and barrier-free accessibility of the estate, bringing residents of all walks of life closer to one another. Residents can now travel conveniently and comfortably to and fro from the market and the bus stops under sheltered conditions.

Community pavilions, playgrounds and 3-G exercise equipment in precinct gardens inject vibrancy into the mature estate, encouraging neighbourly interactions and an active lifestyle. Serving as a social focal point in the neighbourhood, the Radin Mas Neighbourhood Park boasts a diversity of play and exercise equipment for all ages, inviting families and neighbours alike to enjoy quality time together.

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