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Muhammadiyah Welfare Home

Bedok North Street 3, Singapore

This project under MSF involves the conversion of existing holiday flats at Elias Road into a children's home.

The new facility for the rehabilitation of at risk youth is designed with 3 principles in mind. Firstly, there is a strong stance on ensuring safety for residents and staff of MWH, thus there was an emphasis on clear physical separation in order to reduce interaction between members of the public and its residents. Secondly, seeks to leverage on robust and appropriate IT systems in order to increase efficiency of operations within MWH. Lastly, it adopts a differentiated care model, so that staff are able to better cater to the differing need levels of its residents. These spaces take the form of differentiated living clusters, situated amidst all the common facilities, depending on whether residents are considered of low, moderate or high needs.

The compound offered sufficient space for the construction of various recreational facilities including a futsal court, sepak takraw court, and music and art rooms for residents to practice different ways of creative expression. It also boasts a therapeutic garden for residents to unwind and reflect.

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