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Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre

Guillemard Road, Singapore

Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre is designed with the reception, offices and facilities facing the primary Guillemard Road to provide users with vantage views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Two fluid, enveloping planes wrap around the internal spaces, forming a strong facade fronting the junction between Guillemard Road and Cassia Link. Standing an imposing structure at its north-western facade, the building is easily identifiable by the symbol of the Police crest and logo prominently emblazoned above the apex of the junction. This building front asserts command in crisp white, adorned with glass windows of various heights along its periphery. Where we tread the line between surveillance and privacy, given that both are priorities in the design, mindfulness is given to ensure that the provision of one does not compromise the other. A step back from the inner workings of the building, the spontaneity of the window positions also balance the rigidity of the structure and provides a relief on the bold facade. The staircase cores flanking either side of the front facade also grants an excellent opportunity to reinforce the integrity of the building. By vertically staggering the aluminium louvres along the entire staircase, the SPF chevron design is embellished on the facade to complete the building front.

Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre is designed to attain BCA Green Mark Gold Award. One of the key features include the provision of greenery on the 1st storey and roof terrace to provide landscaping at a minimum of 40% of the total gross floor area. This provision is part of the URA landscape replacement programme to minimise the loss of greenery in developed areas.

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