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Peacehaven Nursing Home

Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore

An extension to the existing 4-storey Peacehaven Nursing Home, this project is envisioned as part of the evolution and advancement of the current nursing care model, with special considerations specific to dementia patients.

The building is designed with different programmes for each floor. The 1st and 2nd storeys are zoned as a senior activity centre with a designated entrance for elderly participants to engage in daily activities. The 1st storey entails a nostalgic exhibition area, an open-concept reception area for clients, a dedicated indoor gym and outdoor therapeutic pool with trainers, as well as a café-style dining area. The 2nd storey performs as a flexible open space for the nursing home with also a private space for more intimate counselling and therapy sessions. An educational space is placed on the 3rd storey for the training of nursing staff and other related activities.

The resident living space is located on the 4th storey, with different kinds of cluster living arrangement. A series of 1-bed and 2-bed rooms with attached bathrooms and a communal living space is an experiment of a new living cluster concept, with the aim to encourage independence in residents. Wards of 4-6 beds are also designed with an activity / dining space and the necessary sanitary provisions.

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